Latitude Digital Marketing boasted a 61 percent increase in downloads from April 2010 to September 2010 for their client, Fitness First. To improve this UK site’s Chino hills gym, they started with market research to see how they could reach out to new target customer groups and generate brand awareness. Knowing the extent your market and all the possible areas you can target is vital to your business. Should you be pitching to seniors, boomers, or college students? Are people coming to you for advice on managing a particular medical condition? Do you get a lot of bride-to-be’s or new moms? Or are you pitching to scrawny guys who are trying to bulk up and middle-aged divorcees looking to tone up to get a date?

Next, Latitude implemented a Pay Per Click campaign. They used specific keywords, as well as generic expressions. They gave people excellent offers and clean landing pages. They worked on geo-targeting with the gym’s locations in Manchester and London. They ran specific campaigns for different classes — like pole dancing, yoga and spin. They added a “click to call” feature specific to the end user’s location, which was very helpful in fitness marketing for mobile.

After getting the demographic down pat and pitching to people through ads, Latitude focused on search engine optimization to increase competition. They were able to use expensive PPC terms like “London gyms” and “gyms in London” for their inexpensive SEO targeting. They built additional web pages for each city location and bid to rank for more generic searches as well.

Display advertising on Facebook was then used to target people in the market for a gym pass, gym class sign-up, or sport event. They also targeted websites like GoodToKnow, Marie Claire and Weightwatchers. Part of the Chino Hills Personal Trainer plan included affiliate marketing with very targeted partners who were evaluated on an individual basis.

Using AB testing, the company assessed the conversion rate of all passes promoted on all channels. Analytics and testing for efficiency is an area that often gets overlooked in fitness marketing, but why spend all this money only to run around like a chicken with its head cut off? You need to know exactly where your marketing dollars are best spent. As you can see from this successful case study, combining many different strategies is the best way to approach fitness marketing. Most fitness trainers outsource their marketing to a small firm that understands how all these different facets of online marketing come together to drive leads and sales.

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Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Fitness Chino Hills Pro

January is the month that everyone starts to think about their goals for the coming year, which often include getting more fit and losing weight. There is also a surge in demand for fitness Chino Hills trainers. You, too, may be debating whether you want to hire someone to help or go it alone. After all, trainers are not cheap to hire. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $200 an hour. Yet, if you could get results quicker and more efficiently – not to mention learn a thing or two about keeping that weight off – then it would be pennies well-spent.


To help answer that age-old question, here are 10 of the most common reasons people opt to go with a fitness Chino Hills professional:


  1. A fitness Chino Hills pro adds accountability to workouts. It will be much harder to skip the gym when you have an official appointment with someone and a person who is really counting on you to follow through with your promise to shed excess pounds!
  2. A Chino Hills personal trainer shows you the best way to workout. There is a noticeable difference between just showing up to go through the motions, and really maximizing each movement thoughtfully with perfect technique and form.
  3. Personal trainers from Chino Hills know when to say “GO!” You might be wondering when it’s safe to push yourself harder and up your intensity. Fitness professionals will ensure you increase your intensity exponentially, without hurting yourself.
  4. A fitness Chino Hills trainer can answer questions you may have about a particular health concern. Maybe heart disease runs in your family or you’re trying to recover from a back injury. Speaking with a knowledgeable expert can help you manage your condition better.
  5. A trainer can help you make fitness a priority. Sometimes it takes drastic measures to get in gear and kick it up a notch. Moving from a sedentary lifestyle isn’t easy, but it’s possible with a total body fitness program in place.
  6. Personal trainers from Chino Hills will provide you with a different workout every time. It can get boring doing the same routine all the time. Besides, that is an ineffective way to lose weight, since your body will just adapt to your humdrum repetition.
  7. Not only will a fitness Chino Hills specialist be able to help you set up a regular workout schedule, but he or she will also give you tools to assist you, such as day-by-day meal plans, healthy recipes and snack ideas.
  8. Emotional support is another reason people flock to fitness professionals. Your loved ones may not be committed to fitness, so you’ll need a different support network. Research shows that people are more successful in their weight loss with a partner.
  9. Fitness trainers will show you around the new gym. A fitness facility can be an intimidating place when you don’t know how the machines work, what there is to offer, or where to begin.
  10. Results are the top reason people sign up with a fitness Chino Hills program. If you want to lose a healthy 1-2 pounds per week, then there is no better way than to dedicate a few months to a trainer to make it happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most good trainers guarantee their results if you do as they say.