It’s very probable that your Chino Hills boot camp instructor is the sort of person who has motivational quotes plastered all around the house on various post-it notes. You’ll never actually see her on a cell phone, but as soon as you leave class, you’ll have a text saying, “Great workout today!” Rest assured, they’ve studied psychology and are trying to get inside your head to motivate you. Often times, trainers are parents who wanted to have more time with their kids. They may have owned “gym rat” type fitness studios, competed in fitness competitions and trained celebrities in the past. Some Chino Hills boot camp instructors have even overcome weight issues themselves, which inspired them to “pay it forward” and help others in the same way.


For one hour a day, three days a week, people of all shapes and sizes come to a Chino Hills boot camp to lose weight or maintain the results they’ve achieved. Dedicated boot campers say that the sessions are about “finding yourself” and identifying their own personal reasons to maintain fitness – be it to reach an optimal number on the scale, fit into an old dress, prevent heart disease, ease the symptoms of a chronic illness, boost energy levels, or simply live longer.


A Chino Hills boot camp generally involves basic movements like squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups and jumps. Each exercise can be modified to be more or less challenging, which is why fitness boot camps are recommended from people ages 18 to 80. If people become too tired, they are urged to walk in place for a few minutes to bring their heart rates back down. Certified personal trainers are equipped to assist people with various medical conditions, be it cancer, heart disease, or arthritis. Classes include a mix of cardio, resistance training and core strengthening for a total body workout. Interval training — periods of high-intensity mixed with periods of lower intensity exercising – is standard in every workout, but no two workouts are ever exactly the same.


On a nice day, Chino Hills boot camp is held outdoors, where participants jog, run through fun obstacle courses and participate in team-building exercises. Often, the Chino Hills boot camp team will join local 5K runs, obstacle course competitions and bike races together. Fitness boot camps tend to attract a group of people who value fitness and wish to give it greater priority in life.